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(Please inquire about any project not listed below!)


Slogans, Direct mail, Brochures, PR materials, Commercials & more

Advertising content, Ad copywriting
Web copywriting, online content marketing


Web pages, Long- & short-copy email, Email campaigns, Online ads & more


Ads, Emails, (E-)Newsletters, Web pages, Landing pages, Video scripts & more

White boardroom, B2B copywriting

NOTE A: In general, I don't write articles (because I’m a perfectionist and they take too long), but I’m open to possibilities for the right topics. Also, I do discounted or pro bono work when I feel it’s right.


NOTE B: I’m also a copyeditor, so bring your “gently used” words to me (blog articles included) and I’ll fix them up like new! 


PRICING & FEES: Honest & Straightforward

I offer an hourly rate that can vary from project to project, but usually lands at around $75/hr. There's a minimum 1-hr initial fee once we agree to work together. I find even the smallest project needs at LEAST one hour of brainstorming, organizing & writing!  


I also work for fixed fees, which can be determined after our FREE consult.

(I don't like to focus on fees too much, but any & all details/questions can be worked out before starting, & I do have a contract covering all the details.)

Services: Service
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